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BPNS Spring Meeting 2021
Start Date
End Date
Friday 19 Mar 2021 09:30 AM
Friday 19 Mar 2021 13:00 PM
Zoom meeting hosted by the Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow

There will be two invited lectures for this online only event:

Dr Ann Louise Oaklander - Small Fibre Neuropathy

Prof Hugh Willison - Guillain Barre Syndrome and IGOS

Submission of cases is now invited through the website as usual.

At this and subsequent meetings the society will offer a prize of £500 for the best presentation given by a trainee, to be judged by the current and past presidents of the society and the case library editor. 

Programme (can change before the event)
TimeType Presenter
09:30Lecture GBS – an evolution Professor Hugh Willison Professor of Neurology University of Glasgow Honorary NHS Consultant Neurologist, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow
10:10Other Case 1: TBA  
10:25Other Case 2: TBA  
10:40Refreshment Refreshment Break  
11:00Other Case 3: TBA  
11:15Other Case 4: TBA  
11:30Other Case 5: TBA  
11:45Other Case 6: TBA  
12:00Lecture Small fibres, big reach Dr Anne Louise Oaklander, Director, MGH Nerve Unit & Neuropathology Skin Biopsy Service, Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Assistant in Pathology, Massachusetts General Hosp.

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Latest News

Queen Square Neuromuscular Update Course

Tuesday 4 – Wednesday 5th May 2021

2021 will see our conference move online for the first time.  This is a 2-day virtual clinical course on childhood and adult neuromuscular disorders covering a range of disorders including Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy (DMD) and other muscular dystrophies, spinal muscular atrophy, (SMA), neuropathies, myopathies, channelopathies and mitochondrial disorders.  This year there will be a particular emphasis on transitional diseases i.e. diseases which start in childhood but need to be managed throughout life including DMD and SMA. Recent advances in therapies for these conditions will be covered.

This 2-day course is designed for paediatric and adult specialists with an interest in neuromuscular diseases. Programme to follow shortly.


Face to face out-patient policy for COVID

BPNS face-to-face outpatient policy 

Agreed at BPNS AGM, 6 November 2020, amended 16 January 2021. The latest version of this policy can now be found in the new 'Policies' page under 'About' on the society home page.

COVID-19 vaccination and peripheral nerve disease

The BPNS sees no reason for any patient with any peripheral nerve disease to avoid having any of the COVID-19 vaccines. A commentary on the topic my Mike Lunn can be found HERE. An information sheet giving the Societys official view for concerned patients is HERE.

No link found between COVID-19 and GBS

BPNS members have contributed to an important study led by Stephen Keddie and Mike Lunn showing no association between COVID-19 and GBS. <Link>

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